We are a modern company offering services based on in-depth knowledge. Our knowledge, skills and the dedication of our employees represent our greatest asset. Our future will be founded on the training and further education of our employees. As a company where learning is key, we attach great importance to the training, support  and advancement of every single employee and to qualifications and knowledge transfer, on both the national and international scale. 

At WESSLING, there are employees working in over 40 different professions. Chemists, biologists, agronomists, mineralogists and engineers work together in close collaboration. 

Our employees and managers strongly identify with the company's aims and objectives and stand out through their constant willingness to improve. 

Our management style places great value on participation. Trust and high quality communication are essential for us here at WESSLIN. Our common system of values is reflected in the management guidelines and represents our corporate culture. 

Regular training programmes, support for individual advancement and opportunities for all enable to the company to stay at the cutting edge and create a strong sense of identification with the company. We strive to offer long-term prospects for our employees and seek to encourage their personal development with the scope of the company's means. Our employees participate in decision-making and have clearly defined responsibilities. A pleasant work environment is favourable to motivation and satisfaction in the workplace. 

We actively oppose all sorts of discrimination, no matter what the reason. We regard diversity as an advantage for our company. 

In addition to professional qualifications, we are looking for the following qualities:

  • Ability to work in teams
  • Love of learning
  • Keen communication skills
  • Open mind
  • Holistic view
  • Extraordinary commitment

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