Certified quality with WESSLING quality seals and labels

As a product manufacturer or distributor, by using the WESSLING quality label, you show that you implement extraordinary safety and quality standards. The WESSLING seal as a quality label guarantees that the quality and safety of the products bearing the seal have been examined, that they are devoid of any harmful substances and that the consumer can trust the manufacturer's declarations. It assists consumers in their decision to purchase a product.

As an accredited testing institute, we independently examine:

  • food products
  • fodder
  • household appliances
  • plastic goods
  • electrical appliances
  • air filters
  • furniture
  • all sorts of construction materials

Obtaining a quality seal is subject to the conclusion of an agreement by which you, as a manufacturer or distributor, commit to have your products tested by WESSLING on a regular basis.

The scope and frequency of the tests depend on the type of product. These inspections are determined by the agreement based on professional considerations and the quality criteria to be followed.This thus allows your customers to identify the importance you attach to the safety and quality of your products.

WESSLING Quality Seals

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