Beer laboratory analysis

Our alcohol laboratory located in Ile-de-France carries out your beer analyses and answers your technical questions. Regulatory analyses, easy transport and online monitoring. Ask for your quote in 2 clicks.

Beer analysis for microbreweries at WESSLING

Like food, beers are subject to regulations and must meet strict criteria before being placed on the market. If you are a brewer or owner of a microbrewery, ensure the good quality of your beers by using an accredited and experienced alcohol analysis laboratory.

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Beer analysis and support

Whether it involves laboratory analyses or technical support, our experts assist brewers and microbreweries in monitoring the quality of their beers, from the raw material to the finished product. 

Our analyses: 

  • Beer statutory analyses 
  • Physico-chemical analyses of beers 
  • Nutritional analysis of beers 
  • Microbiological analyses of beers 

Consulting and support:  

  • Consulting in hygiene or control of your industrial processes.
  • Advice for the labelling of your finished products.

Our analytical expertise extends well beyond the analysis of beer. We can also help you to analyse your drinking water, process water and waste water, as well as your raw materials.

As a brewer you have no time to lose. Therefore we offer you a simple and fast transport service for your samples to our laboratory.

Easy and safe transport of your samples 

  1. Our shipping partners collect your samples and transport them to our laboratory - within 24 hours (for transport in France).
  2. You track your package and receive a receipt as soon as it is delivered to the laboratory.
  3. We provide isothermal packages to protect your samples.

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