Surface water analysis - quality assurance at the highest level

As a resource for drinking water, surface water requires special protection. WESSLING controls the water quality in streams, rivers, natural lakes and artificial quarry ponds on behalf of companies and authorities with specific analysis.

Analysis of surface water: specialists of WESSLING

The condition of water surfaces in France is of great importance for the quality of life and health. In the course of the renaturation of gravel pits or lignite mining areas, for example, new quarry ponds are being created, which pose specific challenges to authorities, water management and industry. Due to dense settlement, hardly any of these waters in France are still in natural condition. WESSLING supports companies and authorities in quality assurance with sampling, precise laboratory analysis and process-accompanying consulting.

Surface water purification and treatment

WESSLING – Precise laboratory analysis

WESSLING assists companies and authorities in analysing surface waters and taking measures if required. Lakes and rivers contaminated with micropollutants that have entered the water via degradation products of pesticides and pharmaceutical residues constitute a great challenge.

The analysis of substances and groups of substances is carried out in our laboratories using state-of-the-art trace analysis technology. Our specialists follow the daughter directive 2008/105/EC of the EU WFD of 16/12/2008 (binding environmental quality standards for priority substances).

Chimical tests are made

PFAS analysis

We carry out PFAS analyses in our independent laboratories. In particular, we are able to detect the 20 molecules of the European Directive of 16/12/2020.

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