Soil analysis at WESSLING: more planning security for your construction project

We support you in your construction project with fast and precise declaration analysis for comprehensive soil analysis. We are represented throughout France and can even examine your soil samples and mineral waste within 72 hours using the express procedure if desired.

WESSLING provides analysis for all types of soil samples

With the help of our analysis data, you can, for example, derive exploration and remediation measures for contaminated sites. In addition to our advanced analysis, we offer a unique variety in chromatographic and spectroscopic methods for soil analysis.

Soil analyses by WESSLING: expertise and experience for over 30 years

Soil analysis has been conducted at WESSLING for over 30 years. This is why our experts know that reliable analytical results are initially based on qualified sampling of solid and soil air samples. This also includes special samples such as track ballast, material samples (e.g. asbestos) or insulating materials.

In our laboratories, we use chemical-analytical methods to examine all current parameters and test lists, as in accordance with the national ordinances. Our contact people support you in the selection of the analysis required for your needs and has country-specific regulations in mind.

Overview of services

  • Dioxins, perfluorinated surfactants (PFT, PFC, PFOS, PFOA), N,S- heterocycles, biotests and toxicity tests, glycols, complexing agents (EDTA, NTA)
  • Pesticides, fungicides and herbicides (400 substances, glyphosate and metabolites)
  • Chlorophenols, chlorobenzenes, nitrobenzenes and phenols, F2 list, DDT, lindane, atrazine
  • Screening methods for unknown analytes
  • Nutrient analyses for agricultural soils
  • Soil investigations within the scope of the Sewage Sludge Ordinance

Your contact for soil analysis

Frederic Jeampierre

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How to reduce the costs of soil remediation?

As part of a decontamination project, a prototype for studying the self-purification capacity of a soil was developed by our R&D department. With a new approach, the “BIOVENTAIR” prototype enables decontamination costs to be reduced.

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Centrale thermique de Cordemais, en Loire-Atlantique.

ECOCOMBUST: researching alternatives to coal with EDF

Replacing coal to continue operating thermal power plants - an overview of a WESSLING R&D project conducted for EDF.

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