Analysis of eco-responsible products and packaging

Eco-products, designed to limit environmental impact and promote the circular economy, are on the rise. WESSLING will analyse your products and help you to respond to market changes and comply with the legislation.

Eco-responsible products

In response to current environmental challenges, the regulatory framework is changing and consumers are adapting their consumption patterns. As a company, you are looking for eco-responsible and sustainable solutions to promote a circular economy, limit your impact on the environment and thus monitor or even influence market developments.

Eco-responsible packaging to reduce the impact on the environment

When we talk about consumer products, the production or reduction of waste is linked to the packaging of the products sold (as SKUs or stock-keeping units). Limiting or reinventing packaging by making it sustainable is a compromise that many companies opt for as part of their responsible approach. In fact, the main function of packaging being the protection of its contents, it is often inextricably linked to the product (as an SKU) and remains essential.

Analysis of eco-responsible products and packaging by WESSLING

Guided by our values and working in a responsible and sustainable manner, WESSLING analyses your eco-products and responsible packaging to support your transformation and development. Whether it's about the components of your products or their degradation, we provide you with our analytical expertise to successfully complete your projects.

Cross-competencies for innovation

Our experts in packaging, waste recovery and environmental analyses work together and exchange knowledge to offer you innovative solutions tailored to your needs. This means that you will benefit from our feedback and from a committed partner who wants to find sustainable solutions with you.

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