Biogas: cogenerate, inject and liquefy

WESSLING is your partner for all questions relating to biogas. Our analytical expertise makes it simpler to add value to your biogas.

Fotoaufnahme Biogasanlage und Maisfeld von oben

Our experts are continually working to improve biogas yield while maintaining respect for the environment. With our wide range of services, we can support you throughout the production process by analysing your raw and purified biogas.

Co2 Emissions

WESSLING now offers biogenic carbon analysis

WESSLING now determines the biogenic carbon content of the CO2 produced. This has a number of benefits for the companies involved (especially cement manufacturers and waste treatment companies).

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How to reduce the costs of soil remediation?

As part of a decontamination project, a prototype for studying the self-purification capacity of a soil was developed by our R&D department. With a new approach, the “BIOVENTAIR” prototype enables decontamination costs to be reduced.

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