Biogas: cogenerate, inject and liquefy

WESSLING is your partner for all questions relating to biogas. Our analytical expertise makes it simpler to add value to your biogas.

Fotoaufnahme Biogasanlage und Maisfeld von oben

Our experts are continually working to improve biogas yield while maintaining respect for the environment. With our wide range of services, we can support you throughout the production process by analysing your raw and purified biogas.

What are the differences between home and industrial compostability?

Differences HOME and INDUSTRIAL compost

Packages, fabric moisturising masks, mobile phone cases, coffee capsules... The number of everyday objects that can be composted is growing. Some are compostable at home and others in an industrial environment. But what are the differences?

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Testing dishwasher resistance after 125 rinsing cycles

Our experts for food contact materials offer manufacturers of tableware, glasses and reusable articles made of plastic the testing of their products according to the standards DIN EN 12875-1 mod. (2005-08) and DIN EN 12875-2 (2002-03).

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