Food contact materials made of paper

Food contact materials made of paper and cardboard can be used as packaging, coffee filters, bakery bags or serviettes, for example.

Food contact materials made of paper. Here, a paper bag used for vegetables
It is also crucial whether the paper is coated, printed or glued. It must also be determined whether the paper consists of recycled fibres, fresh fibres or a mixture of both. A qualified analysis and assessment must give consideration to these diverse types and possible uses. The basis of our laboratory analysis and consulting is the BfR Recommendations XXXVI, also the EuPIA Guideline if printing is involved, national specifications such as the Swiss Printing Ink Regulation as well as GMP Regulation (EC) no. 2023/2006.

Analysis and consulting - our range of services:

  • Testing for harmful substances such as formaldehyde, bisphenol A and phthalates
  • Primary aromatic amines (paA) by means of photometry and LC-MS/MS
  • NIAS screening (Substances added unintentionally)
  • Testing for chloropropanols (3-MCPD and DCP) in the aqueous extract
  • Sensory testing
  • GC-MS screening after migration to Tenax
  • Mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOSH/MOAH) by means of LC-GC-FID coupling
  • Analysis of PFOA and PFOS after cold or hot water extraction by LC-MS-MS coupling
  • Simulation set-off
  • Creation and performance of the analysis plan for the conformity test.


We also offer compostability and biodegradability tests - 100% made in France. 

Your contact for analysis and consulting for food contact materials

Remy Reboulet