Sustainability at WESSLING: Our Path to the Future

"Quality of Life," our purpose, is inscribed on our company logo, and we live it every day.

Our daily mission is to identify potential pollutants in the environment, food, consumer products, or waste. In doing so, our company serves our planet and the preservation of life.

Our main purpose is, by nature, important and crucial for our society, our planet, and all living beings. But this reason for being alone is not enough to make WESSLING a committed or even regenerative company. It does not prevent us from questioning ourselves. Indeed, despite a purpose rooted in sustainability, the analytical activity carried out within our company consumes resources, emits greenhouse gases, and therefore has an impact on our planet. We are aware of this. So, how can our laboratory be even more of an actor in the preservation of life? How can we actively collaborate within our community, with our stakeholders, with a regenerative and socially responsible objective in mind? It is this central question that drives us and determines our roadmap for sustainable development in 2030.

Our roadmap for sustainable and regenerative development

Our analytical expertise contributes to preserving life and improving quality of life. Our "sustainable development" roadmap aims to consolidate this contribution by structuring our actions around a strong common ambition. It was developed during WESSLING France's participation in the Business Convention for Climate (CEC) and co-constructed with various departments of the company. This evolving roadmap provides a clear direction to follow. It outlines the axes and objectives of sustainable development for our company.

These pillars form the backbone of our commitment to sustainable development. To achieve these objectives, they will be broken down into sub-goals set for the managers of the company. Biannual and annual monitoring will be conducted, and the results will be presented to all employees. An annual monitoring report will be published on our website and available below.

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Raising awareness of climate change issues to mobilise employees

At the beginning of January, WESSLING France organised a "company day" with the main aim of raising awareness among all its employees of climate issues and the importance of acting together.

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Digging holes for the plants

Preparing for next summer with a more biodiversity-friendly site

WESSLING is committed to greener spaces by launching a greening project at its Lyon site. Students from the horticultural and animal breeding college at La Tour du Pin planted 175 bushes and flowers along the fence around our building.

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