Legionella: regulatory laboratory analysis

WESSLING is your competent partner for the entire legionella management. We support you in monitoring water quality, with a comprehensive range of analytical services.

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You wish to:
- Carry out regulatory analyses of legionella
- Control the risk of legionellosis
- Measure the concentration of legionella in your water
- Monitor the effectiveness of a treatment in your water treatment plant or water heating system

Our offer meets your needs, the regulations in force and the NF T90-431:

- Analysis of your water under accreditation (analyses performed in our accredited laboratory in the Paris region),
- Sampling of your water according to FD T90-522: On-site measurements and instantaneous sampling (TAR, IRDEFA) and hot water networks (ECS)

We analyze the water of your installations, detect the possible presence of legionella and help you to limit the risks linked to these bacteria.
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The comprehensive range of services of WESSLING

The water specialists at WESSLING keep an eye on all places where legionella can become a danger to humans. Their expertise is based on more than 30 years of experience in water analysis. WESSLING is accredited according to NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 for sampling and laboratory analysis.

Furthermore, WESSLING is your partner in all areas of Legionella management. We understand this as process-accompanying consulting combined with continuous sampling and precise laboratory analysis. The aim of our advice is to minimize, as far as possible, the possibility of Legionella infestation.

If a relevant multiplication of Legionella is detected, WESSLING is your competent partner with regard to the remediation measures. As legionella are very adaptable, it is essential to select the right combination of remediation techniques for the respective pipeline system.