Marketability expert reports for food

Anyone who brings food into circulation is subject to a number of national, European and international regulations. Our state-examined food chemists are recognised experts and are highly familiar with the complex variety of laws, directives, regulations, guidelines and recommendations. We will provide you with competent, friendly and reliable advice on all matters including labelling and marketability.

Food must be correctly labelled on packaging.

Verifying the labelling/declaration on your packaging and labels is crucial so that you can safely bring your products into circulation. Regulation (EU) no. 1169/2011 (food information regulation, LIMV) is a fundamental factor. This specifies precisely what information must be made available to the consumer.

Missing or incorrect information may be regarded as consumer deception. Missing data concerning allergens, for instance, can even result in health risks and public recalls. In addition, consumers must not be misled by nutritional value- and health-related statements, so-called health claims. Information on advertising with health- and nutritional value-related data is regulated as part of regulation (EU) no. 1924/2006.

Our experts support you in meeting all marketability and labelling requirements.

Labelling check for international markets

Food exports have risen sharply in the last few years. In order for food be also marketed successfully abroad, the labelling/declaration must comply with the food legislation provisions of the respective country. In all EU member states, this is regulated by food information regulation (EC) 1169/2011. However, country-specific regulations also often exist as well. Our experts are available to you with their extensive know-how for many countries within and outside of the EU – from specialist consulting during label creation to translations and food law checks for the destination countries.

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