Asbestos: analysis, expert reports and remediation planning

Asbestos products in older real estate are often not recognisable at first glance; in concrete spacers, wall plaster, screed or filler, for example. WESSLING supports you with specialist expert reports and analysis.

Sampling asbestos in a wall

Up until the beginning of the nineties, several 100,000 tonnes of asbestos, particularly asbestos sheets, were used in France for the construction of real estate both in the private sector, in industrial buildings and in public buildings such as schools. Asbestos can also enter the ground or recycled material unnoticed via construction rubble. The health risks of this substance, which is now banned in Europe, did not become clear until later on. In the light of this, the assessment criteria for asbestos contamination were intensified, so that the need for analysis still remains high. At the same time, existing buildings are being developed more intensively than ever before.

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