Emissions testing of candles, incense and building materials.

Volatile pollutant emissions from indoor products and building materials are subject to regulations and standards. Manufacturers are obliged to have the emissions of their products and building materials analyzed by a laboratory.

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In France, Decree n°2011-321 requires manufacturers to label the emission characteristics of their products. To this end, emission tests must be carried out in test chambers to monitor the emissions of materials and products.

Emissions analysis of your products

Emissions testing on all types of objects and materials.

Smoking candles and incense, emissions of volatile pollutants.

Our laboratory near Lyon is equipped with test chambers ranging in size from 20 liters to 20 cubic meters. Our accredited laboratories carry out emission tests to determine the exact quantity of volatile pollutants emitted by materials or objects. These analyses play an essential role in assessing the conformity of the materials and products tested.

We also analyze building materials specially designed for food processing companies. In addition to emissions of volatile pollutants, we also investigate detergent resistance and antibacterial properties.

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Emissions testing for building materials

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Our laboratory, accredited to NF EN ISO/IEC 17025, carries out customized emissions analyses on a wide range of materials.

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Candles and incense must comply with certain standards and labeling requirements. Our experts are here to help you ensure that your products meet these obligations.

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