Analysis alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are subject to numerous regulations and standards, especially when they are intended for export. To meet these requirements, breweries, distilleries and other produceurs must have their alcohols analysed by a professional accredited laboratory.

Alcoholic beverages at the alcohol laboratory

Having made it possible for the French National Union of Alcohol Distillers Groups (UNGDA) to continue its activity, the WESSLING Group, with its new alcohol laboratory, has the solid expertise, high-performance equipment and experienced staff needed to carry out your alcohol tests. 

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COFRAC-accredited alcoholic beverage analysis programs

COFRAC accreditation for our alcohol analysis
COFRAC accreditation for our alcohol analysis

For the analysis of your alcoholic beverages and spirits, WESSLING offers you three COFRAC-accredited analysis programs (COFRAC Accreditation No. 1-5578, see for scope): 

  • LAB GTA 78/115 
  • LAB GTA 78/78 (wines)
  • LAB GTA 26 (phthalates in spirit drinks)

Our analysis reports are impartial and will testify to the quality of your products.

Easy and safe transport of your samples 

We work with international transporters, allowing us to send your samples (France, Europe, DROM-COM...) to our laboratory within 24 hours. You will have access to the tracking of your parcel and will receive an acknowledgement of receipt as soon as it is delivered to the laboratory.

Boxes for the transport of the alcohol samples

We provide our business partners with insulated boxes to protect your samples (our WESSLING boxes). You can send us your samples easily and securely.

Our alcohol laboratory located in France

Analysis for manufacturers and suppliers

Raw material analysis

Our reliable analysis supports food manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials in complying with legal requirements and ensures the highest standards in the field of food safety.

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Reliable analysis

Beverage and food analysis

Our efficient and reliable analysis supports beverage and food manufacturers as well as suppliers of raw materials ensures the highest standards in the field of food and beverage safety.

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Water analysis at WESSLING: consulting, sampling and analysis.

Analysis in all sectors of the water cycle

Water analysis

Through our systematically developed services and water analysis methods, we provide you with comprehensive test results in all sectors of the water cycle - be it drinking water, process water or wastewater.

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Petri dish for microbiological food analysis

Reliable checks and qualified training courses

Expert services for food

The experts at WESSLING record the hygiene status of your production in all details - and train your management and employees in accordance with the food hygiene regulations.

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Performing food analysis in the laboratory: laboratory technicians during the examination for residues and contaminants

Safety through laboratory analysis

Analysis of residues and contaminants

The reliable detection of residues and contaminants in food places the highest demands on laboratory analysis. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, WESSLING experts examine raw materials and products using multi or individual methods.

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organic apples in a tree

Analysis and evaluation of pesticide residues


At WESSLING our competent team of experts is at your disposal for this highly sensitive analysis - using state-of-the-art measuring instruments and methods we provide you with reliable results.

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