Crop protection analysis - analysing pesticides in food

In order to find residues of pesticides, as from crop protection, in our food, WESSLING carries out regular tests and inspections for France's largest food manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials and traders.

Pesticide analysis in food

The analysis and evaluation of pesticides in food places high demands on expertise and technology. With our extremely efficient laboratory equipment and highly qualified employees, we achieve the highest quality in analysis. Our experienced experts advise food producers, raw material suppliers and retailers on all questions of the analysis spectrum and professional sampling. They evaluate the results and check the conformity of raw materials and products with legal requirements and trade standards in accordance with the EU Pesticide Maximum Quantity Regulation 396/2005.

Crop protection analysis for food manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials

The basis of our food testing is a continuously updated list of relevant pesticides: our pesticide screening comprises about 600 important active ingredients and metabolites. Multi-methods are supplemented by numerous individual methods for active ingredients, so that our experts also cover challenging matrices and adapt to the individual needs of food production and trade.

We would be pleased to send you the current list of active substances analysed by us. Please contact us.

Our service range includes:

  • GC and LC screening for more than 550 active ingredients
  • Chlormequat/Mepiquat
  • Inorganic total bromide
  • Ethephon
  • Dithiocarbamates, thiuram sulfides
  • Dodin
  • Dithianone
  • Glyphosate/AMPA/Glufosinate
  • Fosetyl aluminum
  • Phenoxyalkanoic acids
  • PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls)
  • Quaternary ammonium compounds BAC/DDAC
  • Toxaphene
  • Pesticides according to Ph. Eur. (analysis for pesticides according to European Pharmacopoeia)


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