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Chimical tests are made

Analysis and detection of PFAS

To carry out regulatory controls on your samples, call on an experienced analysis laboratory equipped with the necessary measuring tools.

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plastic bag in sea

Why should you analyze microplastics?

Find out why and how we can detect microplastics for you.

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OK HOME compost, OK compost INDUSTRIAL and seedling logos

Seeking for a TÜV AUSTRIA certification?

Find out about the possible certifications and what we can do for you to obtain them.

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All about microbiological analysis

Find out how to set up your microbiological criteria and how to interpret the test results.

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Why measure heavy metals in food?

WESSLING can perform regulatory determinations of the main heavy metals: Lead, Arsenic, Mercury and Cadmium.

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Deodorizers and indoor air quality

How to make air deodorizers that respect the indoor air quality? Candles, incense, combustion air fresheners: WESSLING accompanies you in your analyses.

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Pollutants in building materials

Building materials and furniture can be sources of pollutants: discover why you should carry out test chamber analyses.

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People are exposed to drinking water every day

Avoid legionella contamination

How to avoid legionella contamination in domestic hot water? Understand everything about legionella and the existing solutions.

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Wood analysis to exit the waste status

In order to recover the value of your wood batches (A, B and D) you must have them analysed by a competent laboratory.

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The WESSLING Box for water samples

The WESSLING BOX: secure sample transpor

Discover the WESSLING BOX that we provide to optimise the transport of your samples.

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Biodegradability tests of cosmetic products

Microbiology of cosmetic products

Microbiological testing is more than just a regulatory requirement; it's the foundation of the quality, safety and success of your cosmetics. Here's why they're crucial.

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Biodegradability of cosmetics

For cosmetics manufacturers wishing to create environmentally-friendly cosmetics, OECD 301F biodegradability testing is essential.

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Indoor air quality

Inspire quality

A special page dedicated to the "Inspire Quality" campaign on National Air Quality Day 2023, aimed at raising awareness of indoor air quality.

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Analysis for the spice market

Check the quality of your spices. Here's why you should test.

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Analysis of your chocolate products

WESSLING can help you with the food analysis of your chocolate products, focusing on quality and safety thanks to our expertise.

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Making quality candles

R&D support, advice and expertise from our experts!

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Legionella analysis in DHW

How can you protect the health of your employees and customers?

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