Analysis of digestate quality

WESSLING is your partner for assessing the quality of your digestate and verifying its compliance with legislative requirements. Manage your digestate quality with our personalised advice and experience.

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The digestate is the residual product of anaerobic digestion, composed of organic matter that is not readily biodegradable, mineral matter and water. It can be used in various ways: composting, spreading, recirculation, etc. Its quality must be exemplary, especially when it is applied as a fertiliser on crops for human consumption. 

The decree of 13 June 2017 lays the foundations for the marketing and use of digestates from anaerobic digestion as fertilisers, but it only applies to units that use exclusively agricultural products. For digestates of different origins, monitoring of the digestate quality must be adapted.
Our teams have the necessary experience to advise you on what components to monitor and, above all, to carry out the various downstream tests and analyses.

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Co2 Emissions

WESSLING now offers biogenic carbon analysis

WESSLING now determines the biogenic carbon content of the CO2 produced. This has a number of benefits for the companies involved (especially cement manufacturers and waste treatment companies).

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How to reduce the costs of soil remediation?

As part of a decontamination project, a prototype for studying the self-purification capacity of a soil was developed by our R&D department. With a new approach, the “BIOVENTAIR” prototype enables decontamination costs to be reduced.

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