Detection of perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS) in water

In France, as in the rest of Europe, regulations to reduce the presence of perfluoroalkylated substances in water are evolving. Whether it's drinking water or waste water, analyses are important to protect the environment and public health.

Analysis of surface water: specialists of WESSLING during sampling

Call on WESSLING for your regulatory analyses: a competent, accredited* analysis laboratory located in France. Would you like to have your waste water analysed? Or drinking water? Do you need to take a sample? Contact us now.


What is PFAS in water? 

These substances, also known as "eternal pollutants", are ubiquitous and degrade only with great difficulty in nature. Once in the environment, these compounds quickly find their way into the food chain, and consequently into the human body. According to the European Environment Agency, they are suspected of having a negative impact on public health, for example by encouraging the development of cancer or inflammation.

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Your PFAS projects are urgent. 
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At the same time, we carry out any other environmental analyses you may require. 

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Frederic Jeampierre

Frequently asked questions related to PFAS analysis

How do I take samples and which bottles should I use?

WESSLING provides you with specific 250mL PE bottles.

What are the limits of quantification?

lqi < 0.05 µg/L in accordance with the concentrations required in the decree.

How long does the analysis take at WESSLING?

The analysis takes 5-6 days from receipt of your samples at the laboratory. We can also handle emergency projects, delivering results within 48 hours! Talk to us about it. 
Thanks to the WESSLING customer portal, you can track the progress of your analyses and access your results online.

Do I need to start analysis as soon as possible?

As PFAS are "eternal" pollutants, the advantage for you is that sampling is less time-consuming than for water or soil analyses. Between sampling and analysis, you can wait up to 28 days. If you have several samples to take over a given period, you can arrange to send them all at once. Always store samples in a cool, dark place!

What is the analytical capacity of our laboratory? 

Our current capacity is over 100 samples per day. Following major investments in equipment, we are now increasing this capacity. 

Reminder: regulations concerning PFAS 

Our laboratory is also able to analyze other matrices such as soils and foodstuffs for the presence of PFAS.