Ready biodegradability tests (OECD 301F)

Are you looking for a laboratory to test the biodegradability of your products? Would you like to start testing quickly?

Biodegradability test according to OECD method 301F

Whether you're in the cosmetics or chemicals (cleaning products, etc.) industries, our French laboratory can help you by advising you and carrying out the tests in our laboratory.

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What is biodegradability and how does an OECD 301F test work?

Biodegradability (also called "biodegradation"), is defined as the capacity of a molecule to be broken down biologically by living organisms.

Choosing WESSLING means working with a partner: 

  • Who works in accordance with the provisions defined by COFRAC,
  • Has CIR (French for : Crédit Impôt Recherche) approval,
  • Quickly analysing your product,
  • Offering additional analyses (cosmetics, compostability, etc.),
  • Available and human: you will have a dedicated contact who will answer your questions and help you with your unique problems, 
  • 100% French (laboratory based in Isère).

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