Wastewater analysis at WESSLING

WESSLING supports municipalities and companies in monitoring their wastewater. With sampling, analysis and accompanying advice, we ensure that you reduce costs and effort and make a contribution to environmental protection.

WESSLING: Sampling and analysis

Many companies use water as a working medium or raw material for their products. In this process, the water changes its natural composition so that it has to be purified.

The experts at WESSLING offer municipalities and companies such as sewage treatment plants and manufacturing companies, which return their wastewater directly or indirectly into the water cycle, specific sampling and analysis for wastewater. We see ourselves as solution finders and therefore combine - depending on the problem - our methods of water analysis with customised consulting modules.

Our services in the field of wastewater analysis 

  • Varified random sampling
  • 24-hr composite sampling and variable sampling by means of automatic sampler
  • Analysis for micropollutants
  • Analyses in accordance with laws and directives 
  • Ecotoxicological testing
  • Sewer film analysis

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Wastewater: sampling and analysis

WESSLING assists municipal sewage treatment plants in self-monitoring

Every contamination of water means a decrease in quality. In France, polluted water is therefore purified to such an extent that no negative effects on the environment are to be expected.

One topic that will increasingly occupy us in the future is that of micropollutants and microplastics in water. Municipal wastewater companies in particular face major challenges in this context. Our specialists meet the topic with individual solutions.

Chimical tests are made

PFAS analysis

We carry out PFAS analyses in our independent laboratories. In particular, we are able to detect the 20 molecules of the European Directive of 16/12/2020.

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