Clean room analysis: ensuring good safety and health conditions

To ensure the safety and health of patients or consumers, ‘clean rooms’ are of major importance for health services and for the pharmaceutical and agro-food industries.

WESSLING vous accompagne dans l'analyse des salles propres

Ensuring safety and health by controlling microbiological contamination

According to ISO 14644-1:2015, a clean room is “a room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled and which is constructed and used in such a way as to minimise the introduction, generation and retention of particles within the room and in which other relevant parameters, such as temperature, humidity and pressure, are controlled as necessary.” In hospitals, food production and pharmaceutical production, particulate and microbiological control is therefore a key element in the control of clean rooms, which must be constantly monitored.


WESSLING performs microbiological analyses of air and surface samples.

WESSLING experts are ready to respond to all partner requests for assistance in these areas.

Parameters analysed:

  • Total flora according to the NF EN ISO 14698-1 standard
  • Yeasts and moulds according to the NF EN ISO 14698-1 standard

Whether you require microbiological surface or air analyses, we offer:

  • Pre-identification of microorganisms within 48 hours by appearance, colour and number
  • Subculturing of a colony for identification purposes
  • Identification of genus and species (of microorganisms only) according to a list of colonies on Petri dishes
  • Identification of genus and, where possible, species of moulds

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