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Soil samples

EN WESSLING France élargit son offre d'analyses agronomiques SSP

Notre laboratoire d’analyse historiquement dédié aux analyses environnementales, complète son offre d’analyses agronomiques avec l’évaluation de la valeur agronomique des sites et sols pollués.

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EN témoignage MOMENSE

Saloua BENMOUSSA, Directrice Qualité du Groupe MOMENSE, nous fait part de son expérience et nous dévoile comment WESSLING l’accompagne, notamment lors d’événements sportifs comme Roland-Garros et les Jeux Olympiques de Paris 2024.

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Microplastics in drinking water: the European Commission selects analysis methods

On March 11, 2024, the European Commission announced a significant advancement in the monitoring of microplastics in drinking water. This announcement marks a major step in efforts to ensure the safety of water intended for human consumption.

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WESSLING France becomes the first French laboratory to be accredited* for bioaccessibility testing

Since the beginning of 2024, WESSLING France's laboratory in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier (38) has been accredited* by COFRAC to carry out the UBM - Unified Barge Method test (standard NF ISO 17924).

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Raising awareness of climate change issues to mobilise employees

At the beginning of January, WESSLING France organised a "company day" with the main aim of raising awareness among all its employees of climate issues and the importance of acting together.

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Innovative partnership: WESSLING France and Junia develop ISO standard for analysis of polluted sites and soils

As part of the Bioac'ERS project, WESSLING France and the "École d'Ingénieurs de Junia" in Lille are joining forces. The main aim of this collaboration is to promote the use of bioaccessibility.

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OCDE 301F method

What is biodegradation and how does an OECD 301F test work?

Biodegradation (nb. the scientific term is "biodegradability") is defined as the capacity of a molecule to be broken down biologically by living organisms. Read more here.

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Digging holes for the plants

Preparing for next summer with a more biodiversity-friendly site

WESSLING is committed to greener spaces by launching a greening project at its Lyon site. Students from the horticultural and animal breeding college at La Tour du Pin planted 175 bushes and flowers along the fence around our building.

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"Inclure la diversité": the French "Association des Entreprises Inclusives de l'Isère" (Ae2i) creates a framework conducive to exchange and collective intelligence.

On Wednesday November the 29th, 2023, the French "Association des Entreprises Inclusives de l'Isère" (Ae2i), of which WESSLING France is a member, organised its first major event in Grenoble.

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