Analysis of spirits

As distilleries and exporters of spirits, you need to ensure the good quality of your finished products and their ingredients. In addition to routine analyses, you sometimes need specific analyses.

Spirits are analysed in a lab

For your brandies, liqueurs, creams and wine-based drinks, WESSLING can provide you with the following analyses: 

  • glycyrrhizic acids
  • carbamates
  • furfural
  • phthalates

We also offer you the following panel of more "classic" analyses: 

  • Regulatory analyses 
  • Physico-chemical analyses 
  • Nutritional analyses 
  • Microbiological analyses 

Our analytical competence goes far beyond alcohol analysis. We also support you in the analysis of your drinking water, process or waste water as well as your raw materials. In addition, we will be able to advise you on the hygiene and control of your industrial processes and the labelling of your finished products.

Good to know for your export: WESSLING is registered with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (SISCOLE) and in Japan to issue certificates of analysis for spirit drinks.