What is HQE certification?

Definition: HQE is the acronym for "high environmental quality". This certification is linked to the NF Ouvrage Démarche HQE certification by AFNOR. It is a pledge of your environmental commitments, while affirming a comfort and healthy living conditions to the occupants of a building. This certification is intended to enhance and highlight the energy performance, environmental, health and comfort within buildings, whether they are offices, schools, shops, cultural spaces, hotels, etc..

Who issues the HQE certification?

Certification is governed by the construction code. Only organizations approved by Cofrac (French Accreditation Committee) can deliver a certification. For tertiary buildings, the organization to contact is Certivea. www.certivea.fr

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How to obtain the HQE certification?

To be HQE certified, the building must control its environmental impact, provide a satisfactory indoor environment and ensure the good health of its occupants.

In order to measure these objectives, several factors must be examined. The main objective is to create a satisfactory interior environment by controlling the possible impacts on the exterior environment.

The HQE approach is based on 14 targets.

The 14 targets of the HQE approach.

Controlling Environmental Impact:

  • Eco-construction: Buildings must be constructed using environmentally responsible construction methods;
  • The buildings must be in harmony with their environment;
  • The site must cause little nuisance (waste, pollution, noise, etc.);
  • Optimal management must be applied within the building:
    • Energy management,
    • Water resource management, 
    • Commercial waste management,
    • Maintenance management.

Creating a satisfying indoor environment :

  • The HQE certified building must ensure interior comfort to the occupants :
    • Humidity control, 
    • Acoustic comfort,
    • Visual comfort, 
    • Olfactory comfort.

Health Goals :

  • The buildings must respect the health of their occupants :
    • Site hygiene,
    • Air quality, 
    • Water quality.

Indoor air and water quality analysis

What analyses should be performed to obtain HQE certification?

In order to measure the sanitary performance of the building, here are the parameters to analyze :

Physico-chemical :

  • COV (ISO 16000-6) 
  • Formaldehyde (ISO 16000-3) 
  • Benzene (ISO 16200-2)
  • NO2 (DIN EN 26777)
  • Respirable dust PM10 (NF X43-259) 
  • Fine dust PM 2.5 (NF X43-259)
  • Comfort parameters (temperature and hygrometry)
  • (Radon measurement)

Microbiological :

  • Total flora (NF EN ISO 4833) Yeasts and moulds (NF V08-059)
  • Legionella spp and Legionella pneumophila in clean water (NF T 90-431)
  • Enumeration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (DIN EN ISO 16266 (2008-05))
  • Type D1 and D2 analyses

Emission test on materials :

  • Ventilated test chamber (NF EN ISO 16000-9) 
  • Preparation of test specimens (NF EN ISO 16000-11) 
  • Aldehydes and VOCs tested after 3, 10 or 28 days of testing

Surface control of air networks :

Indoor air quality is subject to many parameters including the quality of the incoming air. This quality is, in part, ensured by proper maintenance of ventilation systems. According to the Certivéa 2013 HQE standard for commercial buildings in operation, dust and microbiological hygiene must be checked at least every two years. It allows to scientifically determine the need for cleaning or its effectiveness by sampling at various strategic points of the air installations. 

WESSLING offers dust control (according to appendix H and I of standard NF 15780), results of the dust mass collected on a filter after suction, microbiological contamination control and enumeration of total flora and yeasts and molds on bilames.


If you are interested

If you are interested in HQE certification and are looking for a reliable partner to carry out the necessary analyses, do not hesitate to contact WESSLING France. We are a reference company in the field of environment and quality, and we have the skills and technical expertise to support you in your HQE certification project. We are able to perform all the necessary analyses to assess indoor air quality and ensure that your building meets the standards required for HQE certification.

For more information on our services, please contact our expert, or ask for a quote directly. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in your HQE certification project.


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