COFRAC accreditation for new alcohol analysis laboratory

WESSLING has expanded its service portfolio and now offers COFRAC-accredited alcohol analysis programs*. David Hardy, head of the WESSLING France Paris site, announced the accreditation with pride: "This success is the result of the investment of a very competent and experienced team in this field of activity!".

By building a new laboratory on the site at Villebon-sur-Yvette (91), WESSLING has made it possible for the French National Union of Alcohol Distillers Groups (UNGDA) to continue its activity. Thus the family business now has unique competence in the analysis of alcohol, especially bioethanol.

After only a few months of activity, thanks to the work invested and the experience of our colleagues, the new laboratory obtained COFRAC accreditation (COFRAC Accreditation No. 1-5578, see for scope) for the programs LAB GTA 26 (phthalates in spirit drinks), LAB GTA 78/78 (wines) and LAB GTA 78/115 (spirit drinks, other alcoholic beverages and dehydrated ethanol of agricultural origin). 

The accredited programs are directly at the service of all our customers. Because the industrial use of alcohol is regulated by law, WESSLING offers its analysis expertise to support them. Our teams participate in monitoring and in the improvement of scientific and technical knowledge.

To this end, WESSLING provides statutory physico-chemical analyses of neutral and extra-neutral alcohols used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, crude alcohols (solvent components) and bioethanol contained in gasoline (SP95 E10, Superethanol E85). Furthermore, our expertise in the analysis of alcohol is also used by the liquor industry. These new services complement our range of analyses and know-how in a variety of fields including the environment, waste, the food industry and cosmetics.

Would you like to know more about our accreditation or services? Visit our "Quality" page to access COFRAC accreditation or our alcohol services pages.

*COFRAC Accreditation No. 1-5578, see for scope.