Raising awareness of climate change issues to mobilise employees

At the beginning of January, WESSLING France organised a "company day" with the main aim of raising awareness among all its employees of climate issues and the importance of acting together. In fact, the same "company day" was repeated twice: once in Paris for employees in the Paris region and Lille, and the next day for employees in Lyon.

A key day to mobilise as many employees as possible 

In 2023, WESSLING France took part in the Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat (CEC). Through this initiative, the company has developed a concrete action plan to become a company with the lowest possible environmental impact by 2030. Aware that this commitment can only be accelerated by mobilising as many employees as possible, management has decided to organise a day dedicated to raising awareness of climate issues. This was an important step towards achieving one of the objectives of the 2030 roadmap: informing and involving all stakeholders, including employees.

Factual and varied information to explain climate change

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