R&D (Research and Development)

In addition to analytical services, WESSLING supports its business partners in research and development. Are you facing an unprecedented industrial challenge? Do you have complex and unusual requirements? Are you looking for ideas to carry out your projects? Tell us about it! 

Workers in the project implementation

Whether your project is rather ad hoc or major and complex, whether you want a collaboration, a partnership or simply to subcontract your project, WESSLING is the ideal partner to support you with your industrial R&D. 

A brief summary of our expertise and key information is given below.

What we know and like doing in R&D:
●    Developing concepts and new methods (with or for you)
●    Demonstrating the feasibility of the concepts produced (proof of concept)
●    Develop a functional module for you (prototyping)
●    Going from the prototype to industrial production (scale-up)

Our tools, apparatus and human skills in R&D:

We have high-performance analytical equipment that can be installed on your site or used on the WESSLING premises.
In addition, our staff is highly qualified, the WESSLING teams being made up of engineers, technicians and doctors. To complete our service offer, the WESSLING Group has a large number of analytical laboratories. And since we combine our in-house skills, you benefit from the resulting synergistic effects. 

Some tools and apparatus

Our partners: together we are stronger 

We have a public-private partnership with European universities, giving us access to the latest technologies available as well as to staff qualified and trained in these technologies.
Another partnership with a world-renowned analytical equipment supplier allows us to test equipment. The aim is to confirm that the analytical performance required for a project can be achieved.

With regard to financing, take advantage of the CIR!

Since we are an accredited ‘private research organisation’, you can benefit from Research Tax Credit (CIR) by carrying out an R&D project with us. 

And in concrete terms, how does an R&D project work with WESSLING?

At the start of the project, we define the specifications together with you. These are defined in an iterative manner to ensure that they completely reflect your needs. They are adapted to your project, your context and your constraints. 
Once established, a document summarising your requirements is drawn up and validated to enable budgeting. 
A clear and adjustable quote is established with options to allow for any remaining areas of uncertainty. For R&D is not an exact science... 
Once the quote is validated, the materials are supplied and the project can be carried out on your site or our premises, depending on your requirements.



  • We love unusual, one-off projects! Whether it is water, soil, gas, waste, chemicals or other materials, we are willing to work on varied and complex matrices.
  • Your requirements and analytical needs are the framework within which we adapt our analytical engineering.
  • Because laboratory R&D is only really valuable if it can be applied in the field, we will support you in the implementation of your project as well as in deploying solutions on your site.
  • We like to innovate by focusing on technology transfer. It is our view that a tool can be used in several ways and the first one is not always the only one possible. Let us surprise you with our ingenuity!
  • We are responsive and adapt to specific and changing contexts. We explain this by our passion, our openness and our transversal skills.
  • WESSLING is involved in several tenders for national and European projects, thereby making the knowledge we have acquired available to our commercial partners.

Your contact to our R&D department

Stephane Fievet