Sunscreen products: How to ensure that the sun protection factor is as claimed

Summer is just around the corner! Along with the eagerly awaited rays of the sun, the use of sunscreen products is on the rise again. It is now generally accepted that they are essential for protection against sunburn, skin cancer and premature skin ageing.

Sun protection factor (SPF) - UV protection by sunscreen

Both UVA and UVB radiation from the sun are responsible for skin damage. Sunscreens protect against this thanks to the UV filters they contain. The level of the selected sun protection factor, or SPF for short, is also decisive for optimal effectiveness. The SPF is a measure of the effectiveness of sun protection products. It indicates how many times longer a person protected with SPF can be exposed to the sun compared to without any protection.

However, it often happens that the SPF stated on the product packaging does not correspond to the actual SPF of the product. The result is that consumer protection is not guaranteed, which can pose a health risk to users.

Anyone who manufactures sunscreen products or places them on the market should therefore have the safety and consistent quality of the sunscreen products continuously checked as part of quality control.


Efficacy studies for cosmetic products bring clarity

Adequate instruments for this are studies to substantiate impact claims. Our WESSLING experts are at your side with advice and support. They provide comprehensive advice on planning and also conduct tests to determine the SPF for your products.

We are also happy to share our expertise with you on other studies that can be a useful addition, such as epicutaneous tests, ophthalmological tests, or efficacy studies, to put together the optimal package for your individual needs.

In close cooperation with you, we ensure that your cosmetic products not only consistently comply with all legal requirements, but that consumers can always rely on their quality and safety.

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