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Anna Weßling and Arnold Gehlen run WESSLING Group

Anna Weßling and Arnold Gehlen manage the business of the international WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

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COFRAC accreditation for new alcohol analysis laboratory

WESSLING has expanded its service portfolio and now offers COFRAC-accredited* alcohol analysis programs.

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Bamboo dishes that contain plastic

WESSLING experts analyse and evaluate the specific migration of melamine and formaldehyde from so-called bamboo dishes. They also assess their sensory quality and product labelling.

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Hemp – new superfood?

Hemp products are becoming increasingly popular as food. WESSLING offers comprehensive laboratory analysis of hemp-containing foods.

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Findings of phosphonic acid in biologically produced food

Their detection and the accompanying legal evaluation represent a particular challenge for producers, suppliers and traders of organic food. Our pesticide experts provide comprehensive advice in relation to this.

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Food contact materials made of plastic can be drinks bottles.

New limit value for nickel in accordance with Regulation (EU) 10/2011 comes into force

From 19 May 2019 onward, a new limit value will apply for nickel in plastics that come into contact with food. Producers must ensure that no more than 0.02 mg/kg nickel is released into the food or corresponding food simulant.

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Voluntary aid for Notre-Dame

The employees of WESSLING France spontaneously offered to voluntarily contribute to the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

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New alcohol laboratory at WESSLING France

WESSLING has expanded its activities to include a new alcohol laboratory with highly experienced staff.

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organic apples in a tree

Updated range of active substances in plant protection products

Analysis and evaluation of residues of plant protection

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