Hydroalcoholic products: the right concentration of alcohol (ethanol) is essential

In the pandemic context due to COVID-19 that is currently affecting Europe and the world, hydroalcoholic products have become a rare commodity. Nevertheless, these skin aseptic solutions with bactericidal, fungicidal and especially virucidal properties are necessary to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. To counteract with the current shortage, many cosmetic companies have taken the initiative to produce hydroalcoholic solutions to supply health professionals and all institutions and companies that continue to be active in the daily life of the country.

The composition and effectiveness of hydroalcoholic products

Ethanol concentration in hydroalcoholic products

In view of the current situation, on April 21st 2020 the French State published the Order of 17 April 2020 amending the labelling rules accepted in the derogation Order of 13 March 2020 in order to display the alcoholic concentration (%v/v) on the packaging. The ethanol (alcohol) in the solution plays the major role as it has disinfectant and antiseptic properties. Its concentration in hydroalcoholic gels or solutions is the only one subject to regulations and must be controlled. In fact, the Afssaps (French health products safety agency) recommends the use of hydroalcoholic solutions or gels tested according to standard NF EN 14476 or with an optimal alcohol concentration between 60% and 70% (volume/volume) or at a concentration between 520 and 630 mg/g.

On March the 20th, the French State had already amended the Order of 13 March 2020 authorising by derogation the temporary placing on the market and use of certain hydro-alcoholic products used as disinfectant biocides for human hygiene. 

We analyse the alcoholic concentration in our laboratory

In order to ensure the effectiveness of these products, companies producing hydroalcoholic products must therefore have the concentration of ethanol in the finished products controlled. WESSLING carries out these controls in its alcohol laboratory and thus provides support to companies producing hydroalcoholic solutions.
Jean-François CAMPENS, Managing Director of WESSLING France explains: "In this complicated and unprecedented context, we are honoured to be able to offer the benefit of the many years of experience of our laboratory specialised in alcohol analysis. We can help to improve the current health situation and we provide support at our level".


To continue the activity of the alcohol analysis laboratory at the WESSLING site in Paris, numerous measures have been taken to ensure the health and safety of the company's employees. Workstations in the laboratory have been set up to enable employees to maintain a minimum distance of two meters from each other; each employee is given a new mask, clean gloves and other necessary PPE on a daily basis. In addition, the WESSLING Group has given clear instructions regarding barrier gestures and hygiene rules to be respected. They are repeated daily and the management ensures that they are strictly applied in order to do everything possible to limit the spread of the virus and to ensure the health and safety of the employees.


COVID-19: Gradual resumption of activity

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