Our analytical solutions in the context of Covid-19

With its analytical skills, WESSLING is a link in the supply chain necessary to maintain the country's vital business. As a reliable and innovative partner, our family business has adapted to the situation and offers analytical solutions related to Covid-19. Would you like to know more? We give you an overview here.

Performing food analysis in the laboratory: laboratory technicians during the examination for residues and contaminants

Surface Analysis for SARS-CoV-2 Detection :

To assist our clients, our teams analyze samples of various surfaces (workstations, packaging, door handles, etc.) to detect the potential presence of the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Our teams are also available to advise you if you wish to optimise your hygiene measures. To do so, we work according to the guidelines of the WHO protocol.


> Surface analyses for the detection of coronavirus


Analyses of the percentage of alcohol contained in hydroalcoholic gels

In our alcohol laboratory, we assist our clients in the analysis of the percentage and degree of alcohol contained in hydroalcoholic solutions  and hydroalcoholic gels  using several methods, depending on the product being analysed. The results are returned in only 24 to 48 hours and allow you to validate your batches and your labels quickly while respecting the regulatory deadline of May the 31st  2020.


> Analysis of alcohol content in hydroalcoholic solutions and gels


Return to service of drinking water facilities after lockdown

When the installations are put back into service, the domestic hot water systems must be purged and the water tested to ensure both the potability of the water and the absence of legionella. WESSLING accompanies you in your steps and analyses to avoid any risk to users.


> Commissioning of drinking water installations after containment COVID-19


Analysis of water from cooling towers 

To accompany establishments equipped with cooling tower, during lockdown and beyond, WESSLING carries out regulatory analyses for legionella to avoid potential contamination by these bacteria. 


> Legionella analyses in Air Cooling Towers


Clean room analysis

To ensure the safety and protect the health of patients or consumers, "clean rooms" are a key issue for health services, as well as the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries. WESSLING continues to carry out microbiological analyses on air and surface samples in order to support customers in the hygiene of their cleanrooms.


> Clean room analyses


Food analysis

To ensure the safety and quality of food products, WESSLING has remained active for all food customers and continues to provide the relevant microbiological analyses in this context.


> Food analysis


All WESSLING services

Responding to customer needs and offering solutions to market challenges are a main motivation for our company, because we know that our service makes the difference and improves the quality of life for everyone. 


> Find all our other analytical services 


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